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Higher Education for Care Leavers without Family Support


1. We conducted a study to learn about the educational environment in placements and the educational expectations of children in care in Germany and Israel. The same instrument was used in both countries (Germany, N = 237 – foster care, residential care and assisted accommodation, Israel, N = 1374 in youth villages and N = 263 in correctional facilities). Findings to be published very soon!

2. In Israel, we are analyzing administrative data bases of two cohorts of children- one cohort is studied when they are 19 years old, and the other when they are 27 years old. We examine their academic achievements and educational pathways to higher education. 

3. In Israel we conducted a survey among higher education institutions (N = 37) focusing on their policies and services for care leavers. The report is available:  Interim Report-Policy and services for care leavers in higher education institutions in Israel

4. In Germany we conducted a survey among care leavers in higher education (N=28) focusing their educational path and life situation.