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Alumni of educational residential settings in Israel: A Cultural Perspective

Zeira, A. (2009). Alumni of educational residential settings in Israel: A Cultural Perspective. Children and Youth Services Review, 31, 1074-1079.


This study explores the current status of young alumni of educational residential settings (Youth Villages) in Israel. The goal was to describe their current functioning in a variety of life domains and their current perceptions of the transition to independent living, as well as to explore differences between groups of different national origin. A two-stage non-proportional probability strata sample combined with quota sampling yielded a nationally representative sample of 500 young adults. Most of the alumni present positive outcomes, with full matriculation, complete army service, steady income and housing arrangements, and they are in good physical and mental health. Still, 5–10% of the alumni demonstrate outcomes that are not as good. Implications for policy and future research are discussed.


Transition to adulthood

 Alumni of care

 Educational residential settings