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Higher Education for Care Leavers without Family Support

About the project

In recent years there is a growing interest in the situation of youth who were in their childhood in out of home care (e.g., residential care and foster families). Multiple studies and practice evidence reveal that these youth face many difficulties when they leave care. Consequently, efforts are being made in order to promote policies and services that could support these youth, especially care leavers with little or no family support.

One of the most important areas in which care leavers need help is education. Integration in post-secondary (higher) education, universities and colleges, is one of the most effective ways to advance in society and build a better future. However, relatively few care leavers continue to higher studies.

In order to promote the integration of care leavers in high education institutions, a partnership was formed between universities in Germany and Israel. The project promotes several goals:

a. Increase the interest of children in residential care and foster families to integrate into high education institutions by exposure to the academic world and to information that can help them integrate in higher education.

b. Create groups for mutual support and empowerment for care leavers who are university and college students. We hope these young leaders will help to change the situation of care leavers and contribute to all their peers.

c. Learn from those who succeeded in reaching higher education how they did it and who helped them, and to share these lessons with other care leavers

d. Influence higher education institutions and policy makers to find more ways to help care leavers enter and succeed in higher education institutions.