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Higher Education for Care Leavers without Family Support

Tehila Refaeli

Tehila Refaeli is PhD candidate and research assistant in School of Social Work at Bar Ilan University.

Research interests: Youth at risk, Transition from care to independent living, Civic (National) Service.

Tehila earned her B.A. and M.A. at Bar Ilan University. She completed her master thesis on "Israeli and Immigrant Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: The Contribution of Personal and Environmental Characteristics to Depression". Her Ph.D. work will focus on care leavers and their transition to adulthood.

As a practitioner Tehila worked as a parole officer and clinical social worker with the mentally ill.

In recent years Tehila worked as a research assistant on studies focusing on civic service program for youth at risk and vulnerable youth. She is now the coordinator of the Israeli research team of the project “Higher Education without Family Support”.

Email: tehilarefaeli@gmail.com