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Higher Education for Care Leavers without Family Support

Benjamin Strahl

Benjamin Strahl is a Research Assistant, Social Pedagogue (Dipl.), Institute for Social Pedagogy and Organization Studies, University of Hildesheim 

Research interests: Child and Youth Care, Education and Care, Transitions to Adulthood

Benjamin Strahl studied Pedagogy at the University of Tuebingen from 2004 to 2010. In his years of studies he was particularly engaged in child and youth care (esp. working with parents, residential care and effectiveness of educational help), psychiatric issues of children and adolescents, and educational theories (e.g. reform pedagogy and anthropology). Before he started working on the project “Higher education without family support” he was employed as a social pedagogue at the Martin-Bonhoeffer-Haeuser in Tuebingen. He participated in an innovation project of residential care settings aiming at an intensive collaboration with birth parents (family integration programme). Furthermore, he gathered experience in working with foster families.