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Higher Education for Care Leavers without Family Support

Higher Education for Care Leavers without Family Support

About the project

In recent years there is a growing interest in the situation of youth who were in their childhood in out of home care (e.g., residential care and foster families). Multiple studies and practice evidence reveal that these youth face many difficulties when they leave care. Consequently, efforts are being made in order to promote policies and services that could support these youth, especially care leavers with little or no family support. One of the most important areas in which care leavers need help is education. Integration in post-secondary (higher) education, universities and colleges, is one of the most effective ways to advance in society and build a better future. However, relatively few care leavers continue to higher studies. [ more…]

Our activities


Qualitative We conducted in-depth interviews with 17 care leavers in Germany and 11 in Israel. The biographical narratives identify and explore key factors that promote and hinder the transition to higher education among care leavers. Educational pathways are [ more…]
Quantitative 1. We conducted a study to learn about the educational environment in placements and the educational expectations of children in care in Germany and Israel. The same instrument was used in both countries (Germany, N = 237 – foster care, residential [ more…]

Empowering care leavers

Website We have created a tri-lingual website (Hebrew, German, English). The website includes information about the project,  research information about the situation of care leavers, information & tips for care leavers on their way to higher education [ more…]
Facebook groups We have Facebook groups in Germany and Israel. The Facebook groups' friends are care leavers who are students in higher education institutions or intend to apply. We share data to help them in their studies, (e.g., relevant scholarships). We also [ more…]
Care leavers groups We have created groups of care leavers who are presently in higher education in Germany and Israel. The groups are venues for mutual support and for collective action on behalf of youth in care. These are task groups. In Israel the group connected [ more…]

Raising awareness and advocating for policy changes

We have contacted key stake holders in the welfare system and NGOs in Germany and Israel in order to raise their awareness and inform them about education for youth in care. In Germany- we established a group of care institutions that are interested [ more…]